About us

Since 1968 we are producing tools able to mark Time.

It has been 50 years or rather 438.312 hours, 26.298.720 minutes, 1.577.923.200 seconds and still in the factory based in Fossombrone clocks keep on coming into the world thanks to smart projects of architects and designers and skillful craftsmen’s hands.
From 2005 to 2010 the company under the artistic direction of Pascal Tarabay promoted group of different objects having in common the lightness of a contemporary and always ironic design. All along these years Diamantini&Domeniconi is able to be revived from its solid tradition putting down roots into design of professionals and becoming leading brand of good design Made in Italy. 
Since 2016 we redesigned our logo with one letter D which fills up with new contents and products, starting a course of research with Marco Marzini’s artistic direction leading the company to design brand new relationships existing between Human, Space and Objects.

Product categories open up from clocks to home accessories and the space … lights up.